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released December 21, 2014

fer my besties even the strangers




bookwerm Texas

stupid silly me

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Track Name: America by Garagesale
No private rooms w/ open windows. See america by garagesale in apartments in a box my brain's turnt to soup and garbage fuck! I don't want it I don't want it; the late nights 'n early mornings.
Track Name: Besties
Some of my besties yup they're still strangers. There on my sleeve there yup there's still strings burst like the dream where ya fail to run a summer camp of crazy kids young love dumb stuff 'n rum dances. Lit like the werm at the bottom of tequila bottles broken in half on the kitchen floor tile again.
Track Name: Broken People
As if 'n so what? Accidentally like lists grow long crackin' things cracks 'till smashin' things smashes. Falling falling. Looks like crayon paperflakes 'n glitter when he hits the concrete concrete. Then i'll crack again 'n make a track 'n call it broken people.
Track Name: Unlearning Everything
Like a leaf on a tree ya fall down fall down. Go to green to yellow red to see-through brown. The blues the pinks the greys color in the smile of an upside-down sad face. Swingsets seeds sighs lanes lines interior design. I'm unlearning everything fer good.
Track Name: No Sidewalk Life
Still life horses boxed in the garbage like the scene w/ the wallpaper bluebrown lines 'n the highways, right? I feel ya too if yr too scared to drive but this car town fights. It's texas, man no sidewalk life! No life slow life low level love life kids know it's a bugs life though.

('n ya don't!)
Track Name: Dumb Person (Stupid Version)
dumb person stupid person everything I ever learned was just a stupid version of love!